Passionfruit started as a capstone project from members of the UW Design Class of 2020 for designers to gather, share their work, and “celebrate individuals as part of a collective.” As the Class of 2021, we were excited to reboot their collaborative online pop-up shop along with their philosophy of “bearing fruit” — a phrase interpreted to encourage curiosity through the practice of creativity. Moving forward, we hope that this becomes an annual tradition where UW Design seniors are given the opportunity to explore new materials, craft, sell their work, and share their talents.

Passionfruit was created by Alaina Kleck, Ariana Garland, Brennan Jackson, Camille Vance, Emma Switzer, Jenna Shanker, Mary Wojnar, and Sarah Sivjee.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?
While we’ve tried to make everything able to be shipped out as soon as possible, some of the items sold on Passionfruit are made-to-order. We try to give creators enough time to make your item so that they can ship it at the end of June or the beginning of July. 

We will be accepting orders until midnight (PST) on June 20th, 2021.

Our creators will begin to ship stuff as soon as possible after that date. If you have not received your item by July 30th, 2021, please contact the seller of your item within the page you bought it or contact us: Passionfruit Customer Support
Is shipping included in my order?
Yes! But we are only shipping domestically within the United States. If you are located outside of the US and would like to order some items, please request a quote by contacting us: Passionfruit Customer Support
Will I receive a notification of when my order has been shipped?
Yes, as soon as your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number to estimate your product’s arrival.
If I have an issue with my order who should I contact?
Our creators have their email listed on their product pages; feel free to reach out to them directly about any order-specific problems or questions. If you have any additional or general questions or concerns, contact us: Passionfruit Customer Support
What does “made-to-order” mean?
For our made-to-order items, this means the product is custom-made for your order! When you place your order, your product is made from start to finish. Made-to-order is different from our other listed products that are pre-made and have a limited inventory of items. 

Some creators on our site also make customizable items (e.g., can make different colors of products based on request). Check in the description to see if this is possible for the product you would like to customize.


This year we decided to split 100% of UW Design Show 2021 merchandise proceeds between COVID-19 Mutual Aid, Real Rent Duwamish, India Needs Oxygen, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, and Creative Justice. 

As designers, we create experiences and make them with all kinds of communities— not just design-related ones. So instead of focusing on sending our proceeds to design-related organizations, we are choosing organizations that are helping to provide strength, safety, and resources to Seattle-specific communities, like COVID-19 Mutual Aid, Real Rent Duwamish, and Creative Justice. We also recognize that meeting survival needs extends to members of our global community, which is why we are also centering India Needs Oxygen and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. 

For products made by students, each student has chosen one of the above organizations or another one of their choice to send a percentage of their proceeds to. Students have set the portion of profits they are sending to these organizations based on their unique circumstances.

Product Care

Because we hand-make all our products, there may be some irregularities in each product that make them unique and distinct. Once you receive your product, please be mindful of handling it. We will do our best to ensure product safety during transport. Refunds will not be available.